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kiss the goat

he ain't heavy, he's my brother

we are not stupid boys but we want to do it wrong
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This is a LiveJournal Community for fans of Redd Kross, their friends, and their various musical and other projects.

Off topic posts are allowed and encouraged. However, keep in mind that this community does not tolerate or allow spammers, trolls, or miscreants with chips on their shoulders, so if you want to flame people, please go do it somewhere else!
60s kitsch, 70s kitsch, alien sleestaks from brazil, alison anders, amaaaaaaazing!, anna waronker, annette's got the hits, arthur lee, bam magazine, bay city rollers, bharta and mtumbe, bill bartell, bitchin' ass, black flag, black motorcycle madonna, black shampoo, bob dylan, born innocent, brian jones, brian reitzell, causing trouble at beatlefest, celebrity gossip, celebrity skin, charlotte caffey, cheap trick, cher, cherie currie, chuck taylors, continental drifters, corey feldman, corey haim, courtney love, crank calls, dave markey, dave peterson, david bowie, desperate teenage lovedolls, doll collecting, eddie kurdziel, every-band-has-a-shonen-knife-who-loves-them, five foot two, fleetwood mac, flipside, flop, frightwig, gere fennelly, glitter, grok, hawthorne, hollywood, hollywood brats, imperial drag, imperial teen, internet pranks, it's ok, jason falkner, jeff mcdonald, jellyfish, jim dandy, joan jett, john lennon, keith richards, kim fowley, kiss, laura nyro, linda blair, lip balm, logan's sanctuary, lori "bono" christ, lovedolls superstar, marc bolan, marc jacobs, mick jadestone, mick jagger, mick mars, mick ronson, mick taylor, moog cookbook, neurotica, new wave, obsessing over celebrities, obsessing over music, obsessing over scientology, os mutantes, pat fear, pat smear, paul mccartney, phaseshifter, pop culture, popular cult, posh boy, punk, queen, red cross, redd blood cells, redd kross, robert hecker, rock and roll, rodney bingenheimer, roger joseph manning jr., roy mcdonald, sassy magazine, shonen knife, show world, sky saxon, sloan, sonic youth, sparks, spirit of '76, steve mcdonald, stevie nicks, t. rex, tannis root, tenacious d, that dog, the bangles, the beach boys, the beards, the beatles, the carpenters, the carrie nations, the cowsills, the dickies, the eyes, the go gos, the gtos, the hoodoo gurus, the kelly family, the kinks, the lovedolls, the manson family, the muffs, the partridge family, the quick, the ramones, the rolling stones, the runaways, the stooges, the tater totz, the turtles, third eye, third world echo, tv eyes, vic indrizzo, vicki peterson, white flag, witchy things, yoko ono, you am i, ze malibu kids