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Redd Kross on MySpace

September 4th, 2006

04:09 pm - redd kross videos that you can download and watch!
Redd Kross QuickTime videos I forgot that I had:

Blow You A Kiss In The Wind
One of the better quality recordings of this I’ve seen (from the text you can see it was actually played on MTV). Steve is about sixteen in this.

Overture from Tommy
Judging from Jeff’s hair and outfit, this was recorded between 1990 and 1992. From this same show, I also have an excessive “Linda Blair” performance that clocks in at 8:45, but it was too big too post. It does contain the whole “Have you seen the witch on my side?” bit and a nice tangent into “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” by the irrepressible Gere Fennelly.

This is amazing!! It looks like it was played on some French TV show. Steve’s hair just kills me.

Smith Family #1
This is from the cable access show “Deco-Pauge” where the Kross also performed a crazy version of Shonen Knife’s “Kappa Ex” (sadly I don’t have that on anything), roughly 1988 or 1989, judging by their outfits and the presence of Vic Indrizzo. This song isn’t on any albums or b-sides (not that I have seen anyway) but did appear on a flexi disc that came in a magazine. This version is acoustic whereas that one is not. Awesome song, too.

Yesterday Once More
I love this one so much.

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September 1st, 2006

08:35 pm - redd kross at the sunset junction - LA weekly
Totally Krossed Out!
Redd Kross at Sunset Junction Street fair, August 26
By John Payne
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 - 3:00 pm

At Sunset Junction street fair, August 26

As the precursors to virtually every glam/bubblegum/power pop/punk rock band of the last 20 years, Redd Kross loom so large in our L.A. legend that any live performance is bound to be met with unrealistic expectations. But this warm-up for their big return to action (an October appearance at the L.A. Weekly Detour fest downtown and a new album in ’07) gave ample proof that the Kross have not shot their wad.

This was one of Redd Kross’ “classic” lineups: Jeff McDonald (pink jacket and tie) on guitar and Lennonesque wail, his brother Steven McDonald (still looking about 18) on bass and vocals, the way-unrockstar-like Robert Hecker on guitar and Roy McDonald (no apparent relation, on loan from the Muffs) on drums. Many years have passed since the bros made their debut as Red Cross at the ages of 2 and 5 or something; Jeff now looks a little thicker and Robert even balder and skinnier, but the sound remains the same: huge chunks of power-pop splendor delivered with a hard-rock slam and dollops of SoCal sarcastic humor.

This day, Kross dealt a minisurvey of rave-ups from their vast repertoire of oughta-be hits. The very, well, Lennon-ish “One Chord Progression” and “Mess Around” came off with brassy cheek and heavy rock grandeur. (When Jeff sings in a vaguely English accent, you want to slap his back, not his face.) “It’s a Crazy, Crazy World We Live In” was a slow-grinding kinda Seeds/hard rock/postpunk affair as Steven showcased stylish moves on his customary T-bird bass. Hecker got his little spotlight on a pleasant but bizarrely Dire Straits–like tune; elsewhere his guitar heroics were fun and funny if ever so slightly of the oil-and-water variety. Kross didn’t dispatch their famous cover of “Yer Blues,” which they used to do better than the Beatles, but you can’t always get what you want.

Somewhere within the Partridge Family/Stooges/Banana Splits axis, Redd Kross’ hearts will always beat, so one might worry that their cultured kitsch mightn’t age so well, or whether said excellent rock kartoonery masks a dearth of memorably great songs. Somehow, though, the sight of our own boys playing against the silhouettes of palm trees and a crescent moon amid the yellow-gray glow of sunset in, as Jeff put it, “the motherfucking best city in the world,” made all that so majorly beside the point.

From: http://www.laweekly.com/music/live-in-la/totally-krossed-out/14363/

P.S. Since when does Jeff adopt a fake British accent? Is this guy confusing him with Russell Mael??

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June 19th, 2006

10:55 am - Redd Kross Media Overload!
When trolling YouTube obsessively (like I do), I found some great Redd Kross footage that Jon Krop has posted. I already linked some of this, but here it is again.

”Rain,” as performed by the Tater Totz

From the same show, the Totz perform “The Luck of the Irish”

More Tater Totz insanity, this time the abridged version of “Live Hate at Beatlefest,” with a snippet of “Don’t Worry Kyoko” (if you haven’t seen this yet, you really need to watch)

Fabulous RK live performance of “Here Comes the Sun” (Jeff sounds amaaaaazing)

”Love is You” from the 930 Club in D.C. - If anyone has the IRS’s The Cutting Edge performance of this PLEASE upload it to YouTube!

The infamous “Macaroni and Me” short film directed by Dave Markey and starring Redd Kross and other related luminaries - seriously the funniest thing in the world that isn’t a Sparks video.

And speaking of Sparks...

Sparks: Dick Around - !!!!!! So good, so very very very good. I got the same rush of excitement watching this as I did when I heard the song for the first time. And STEVE MCDONALD! And he’s got a moustache and soul patch! Holy shit, he looks so bloody badass and fabulous. And I like the longer hair.

I must compete with Ron Mael for best facial hair.

Several people have mentioned the fact that Jeff, Steve, and Dave Markey appear in the special features for the newly-released DVD of Russ Meyer’s incredible Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (which I have just added to my Amazon.com Wish Last, thank you). So yes, go forth and purchase this gem pronto!

Finally, if you live in the L.A. area and will miss the July 1st Redd Kross show at the Red Cat, they are also playing the 26th Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair on Saturday, August 26th. Watch them blow those pansies Black Rebel Motorcycle Club off the stage!

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May 25th, 2006

10:39 am - you be doris, and i'll be rock

Happy Birthday Steve!

Actually, it was yesterday, but I forgot to post about it.

In other news, Redd Kross will be playing a show on July 1st in L.A. Here are the details from Jon Krop:

Redd Kross will be performing July 1st at the Red Cat Theater in Los
Angeles, CA.

The Red Cat only holds about 200 people and tickets are NOT for sale

We'll have more details as soon as possible for you all.

Wooh! I can’t go, but it’s exciting to know that they are playing.

Jon has also put a bunch of RK stuff up on You Tube:

Redd Kross/Tater Totz
The Tater Totz stuff, particularly the "Don't Worry Kyoko" performance killed me. Bill Bartell in a crazy outfit! Jeff sounds amazing singing "Luck of the Irish" and "Here Comes the Sun." And the hair! Oh my word, the McDonald brothers hair is just…guh. And Robert with his "guitar necklace." How I love them.

Bitchin’ Ass – all episodes
You’ve probably seen this before on the website. These are fairly hit or miss, but when it’s funny, it’s really funny. Redd Kross in-jokes abound and Astrid McDonald is adorable when she dresses Steve like a princess. Anna is too cute! Why is Jeff wearing blue contact lenses?
Current Music: Earlier it was Ze Malibu Kids

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March 16th, 2006

09:53 am - Redd Kross updates
shockrocketreports that the March 2006 issue of Mojo has a Kinks CD (to go with the cover), featuring Redd Kross’s cover of “Fancy.” Apparently they correctly list it as the b-side to “Lady in the Front Row,” which is pretty cool.

The DVD of Lovedolls Superstar (Fully Realized) is available now from We Got Power. It features commentary by filmmaker Dave Markey and film stars Jeff and Steve McD and Jennifer Schwartz.

Dave Markey’s also got some new photos up on his site. I’ll link to them because he’s got “DO NOT TAKE WITHOUT PERMISSION” warnings up all over the place and I don’t want to piss him off.

Girlfriend, I don’t remember Bill Bartell being in this movie, but there he is.

Steve, Dave Markey, Jeff, and Jennifer Schwartz now

The same crew as above doing their commentary while watching the movie

Lookin’ good, Myer, McDonald brothers. Lookin’ real good.

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January 15th, 2006

12:07 pm - LOVEDOLLS SUPERSTAR revealed
So the date's been set . . .

the LOVEDOLLS SUPERSTAR - FULLY REALIZED DVD is due out on March 14, 2006!

Yeah I've never actually seen this one, either - but they did play the hell out of the soundtrack on KXLU in LA back in '86. No doubt, these further tales of debauchery and excess (featuring more than a few REDD KROSSers) will impress/offend in equal amounts.

And while your on director DAVE MARKEY's site, do check out his recently-added mp3's, wherein he's kindly included free downloads of rad tunes from the ANARCHY 6 "Hardcore Lives" LP. Righteous!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Phata Phata: Jive Music from the Townships

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December 6th, 2005

04:35 pm - omg
I stolded this from the Germs MySpace page:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pat Smear with Bill Bartell!

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November 3rd, 2005

09:59 am - all my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry
I truly think that one day I will OD on nostalgia. Just listening to and watching the Redd Kross video for “Yesterday Once More” is enough to destroy me. Sure, when I heard their cover I thought it was wildly appropriate, but now it’s got even more meaning for me personally, as it evokes these Arthur Stuart-esque painful reminiscences, of bygone days where it seems like a lifetime ago.

Lookin' back on how it was
In years gone by
And the good times that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed.

There never has been anyone like Redd Kross and there never will be. It’s a nice thought but a bit of a downer. Like Curt Wild says in Velvet Goldmine, it’s okay if you didn’t change the world, “if you don’t look at the world.” What other (straight) bassist would go on stage in hot pink, skin-tight crushed velvet bellbottoms and a matching cropped jacket with sequined KISS art on the back? AND MEAN IT. In 1987.

Just look at them.

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October 8th, 2005

03:06 pm - podastic
The latest couple REDD KROSS Podcasts are now up at http://www.reddkross.com, and totally fun/amazing/bitchen - particularly Episode 4, which is as live as you'll ever wanna hear those boys. Yahoo!
Current Mood: still sick
Current Music: Redd Kross Live in Canada

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September 23rd, 2005

10:17 pm - C-Skin R-Union
Holy Christ! CELEBRITY SKIN just played a reunion show at the Roxy in Hollywood a few nights ago, and I missed the last flight from London back to LA catch it! Ackkkk!

Anyone actually SEE this show? With their own eyes/ears? butcherbaby, perhaps? Man, I loooooved these guys as a teen. If I'd been gay I would've tried to get it on with . . . but sadly, I'm not. Particularly. Anyway I'm gonna haveta post a proper dedication to em soon. In the meantime, go scare up their EP on XXX Records, it'll knock you senseless. Promise.
Current Mood: Don't worry
Current Music: Don't ask

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