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redd kross videos that you can download and watch! - kiss the goat

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September 4th, 2006

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04:09 pm - redd kross videos that you can download and watch!
Redd Kross QuickTime videos I forgot that I had:

Blow You A Kiss In The Wind
One of the better quality recordings of this I’ve seen (from the text you can see it was actually played on MTV). Steve is about sixteen in this.

Overture from Tommy
Judging from Jeff’s hair and outfit, this was recorded between 1990 and 1992. From this same show, I also have an excessive “Linda Blair” performance that clocks in at 8:45, but it was too big too post. It does contain the whole “Have you seen the witch on my side?” bit and a nice tangent into “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” by the irrepressible Gere Fennelly.

This is amazing!! It looks like it was played on some French TV show. Steve’s hair just kills me.

Smith Family #1
This is from the cable access show “Deco-Pauge” where the Kross also performed a crazy version of Shonen Knife’s “Kappa Ex” (sadly I don’t have that on anything), roughly 1988 or 1989, judging by their outfits and the presence of Vic Indrizzo. This song isn’t on any albums or b-sides (not that I have seen anyway) but did appear on a flexi disc that came in a magazine. This version is acoustic whereas that one is not. Awesome song, too.

Yesterday Once More
I love this one so much.

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